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Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time. It is crucial to organisational performance.

  • It is important to recruit staff who have a high skill set, irrespective of ethnicity.
  • Build an ‘ethnicity pool base’ to suit the role required – this is not always necessary unless there is a cultural understanding need.
  • Recruit workers who have knowledge of the area.
  • Recruit workers who have an influence in the area – especially when it is a smaller BAME group who have not previously engaged in community activity – having that worker as a constant face can prove invaluable to engagement.
  • Recruit workers who are culturally aware of the needs of the community working with agencies to ensure the cultural calendar is fulfilled with community activities to make all of the community feel inclusive.
  •  (Cultural Calendar) – design application/recruitment forms connected to programmes/positions in various languages to raise awareness and make all of the community feel inclusive.
  • Look to recruit from within the projects to have continuity and career progression paths for those involved.
  • Monitor staff diversity through a yearly staff audit to ensure recruitment procedures are in line with your own equality and diversity policies and Equality Standard.
  • Provide in-house equality and diversity training for all staff on a regular basis
  • collaborate with the clubs HR Department in reviewing applications on an ongoing basis

FOCUS DELIVERY: Raise participation, trust and aspiration through focused delivery.

PROMOTE: ‘Equality and Diversity’ throughout the Club.

DEVELOP: The Football Club as a fully inclusive ‘Community Club’ with opportunities for all.