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David Morgan, Sports Writing and Broadcasting graduate

Formerly of Nottingham Forest, midfielder David Morgan has achieved a First in Professional Sports Writing and Broadcasting.

A one-time Northern Ireland Under-21 international, Morgan, currently turning out for Nuneaton Town in the National League North admits that he may use his qualification to go down a different route.

“When I left Nottingham Forest I was just turning 19 and I didn’t really know what I was going to do with myself,” he said.

“I left there thinking I needed to move onto the next club but that didn’t come as quickly as I thought it would, so I thought I better look elsewhere as well. I spoke to a few people that had been on similar courses through The PFA and so I got in touch with Oshor Williams and Pat Lally (PFA Education).

“When you’re at Nottingham Forest and you’re a bright prospect, you’re always thinking ‘I’m never going to need that’ but reality hits and that’s when it hit me when I got released and I needed something else.

“I’m actually not sure that I want to go into Sports Journalism. I’m probably looking down the line of doing a PGCE to become a school teacher.”

Bayley was effusive in his praise for the graduands turned graduates and insisted that the success of the cohort was no surprise.

“Some of the students perhaps didn’t do as well academically as they could’ve done at a younger age because they were so focussed on developing their football career and something had to give but they come back into the academic environment and suddenly discover that they actually have quite a talent for this,” he said.

“For some of them it’s fulfilling a little bit of unfinished business. Others did and come on to the course from a high academic level and they step back into the world of academia seamlessly.”

“We pack an awful lot of education into the two years. The players have to give up a fortnight in the summer in each of the two years to study at two summer schools, which deal chiefly with the broadcasting side, so it’s a big commitment really.

“These are students who have family lives and professional careers which they have to run and organise in parallel with their studies.”