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Show Racism the Red Card: Thierry Henry interview


Thierry shares his advice, experiences and thoughts about racism in sport and society.

Thierry Henry is one of the best football players of his generation and has consistently supported SRtRC and other anti-racism campaigns.

In October 2016, SRtRC had the opportunity to talk to the former France, Arsenal FC, Barcelona, New York, Juventus and Monaco striker about racism and he shared his advice for young people and thoughts about the issue.

SRtRC has produced a series of short clips from the interview and will upload several of these to YouTube. This was the first time we had interviewed Thierry since his spell at Barcelona. A big thank you to Thierry for being so generous with his time and to UNISON for their assistance with filming.

In this first part of the interview Thierry talks about what you should do if you experience racism.


In this second clip he offers his advice for young people experiencing racism.

In this third clip he offers talks about how he feels when he hears about racist incidents.

In this fourth extract we asked Thierry for his thoughts about when people pass casual racism off as 'banter'.

In part five of the interview, we asked Thierry about France 1998 and multiculturalism.