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Taylor: ‘We were right to believe in Eni Aluko’

Gordon Taylor, Chief Executive

PFA Chief Executive, Gordon Taylor has said the PFA were right to believe in Eni Aluko following The FA’s appearance in front of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee.

Taylor also added that claims made by the FA chairman Greg Clarke in front of a parliamentary committee were "bizarre" and "untrue".

Clarke appeared in front of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee on Wednesday, where he admitted the FA had made "a fundamental breach of our duty of care" to England player Eniola Aluko after she was subjected to "discriminatory remarks" by then manager Mark Sampson.

The PFA had raised concerns with Clarke in November 2016 after an initial FA inquiry into Aluko's claims of racism found Sampson to have committed no wrongdoing, but the FA chairman responded with a dismissive email.

In an interview with Sky Sports News, Taylor said the FA chairman was using "diversionary tactics" after Aluko had presented damning evidence at the hearing.

"Aluko showed real courage, she presented really well, her honesty shone out compared to the FA, whose attitude and demeanour was quite different," he said.

"[The FA] looked to almost show more a duty of care and protection to themselves than to a girl who represented her country more than 100 times.

"We were the one organisation, the trade union, that believed in her. We were right to believe in her.

"We then ended up being the butt of the chairman of the FA, who turned on the trade union in what was classic diversionary tactics.

"It was very unprofessional and akin to a defendant in court having a go at the claimant's legal team.

He said: "To try and turn on people when you're the head of football's governing body and then be abusive, I mean what were staff to do but so speak to the chairman to discuss a serious issue?

"Whether he [Clarke] was prepared to talk about it or not he could certainly have made sure it was dealt with.

"I looked to have a meeting with him for some time so it's a bit rich to talk about the governance of the PFA compared to the FA when their record is there to see and ours is there to see.

"Ours is much better involving our women players and our black players."