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Jermain Defoe Praised On And Off The Pitch

Jermaine Defoe and Bradley Lowery

Jermain Defoe has been highly praised for his work on and off the pitch.

Jermain Defoe is well known for his qualities of skill and goal-scoring prowess. The Bournemouth striker was a highlight of a Sunderland side that endured relegation last season. However, his qualities off the field are to be recognised as well.

The nation and the footballing world were deeply saddened by the news that 6-year-old Bradley Lowery passed away last Friday. Defoe led tributes to the brave and inspirational Bradley, describing him as his ‘best friend’.

Bradley and Defoe grew a close bond after Defoe visited Bradley in hospital. He was also a regular Sunderland mascot and even walked out with Defoe at Wembley as England played Lithuania earlier in the year.

A recent press conference with Defoe highlighted the player’s emotions as he was visibly upset when asked about Bradley.

Defoe and Bradley Lowery

Defoe’s relationship with Bradley shows a side of footballers that many people don’t get to see. It is not the only time he has shown a kindness to those less fortunate. Defoe has consistently supported charitable causes throughout his career.

He and his family set up the Jermain Defoe Foundation, a charitable organisation aimed at helping vulnerable, homeless and abused children in St. Lucia. Defoe’s grandparents came from this Caribbean island, making it close to Jermain’s heart.

St. Lucia is well-known for its nice hotels and picturesque beaches, Defoe wishes to raise awareness that this is not the reality for all. Defoe and the Jermain Defoe Foundation continue to raise money, awareness and support in St. Lucia.

Defoe also has other projects and charitable work that he supports, such as; the E18HTEEN Project - delivered by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation in partnership with Virtual Schools of Children in Care, The 1818 Campaign - in partnership with The Stephen Lawrence Foundation, as well as working with Holy House in St. Lucia and the Against Breast Cancer charity.

Bradley had an unwavering love for football, his spirit and enthusiasm touched the hearts of the country. All at the PFA send love and condolences to his family.