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About PFA Player Management 

The PFA negotiates with football clubs on daily basis to protect and serve the interests all professional players and the Player Management Department is an extension of that premise. 

The department provides hands-on representation for players at every stage of their careers as well as offering ethical 'best advice' at all times. It is important that a player seeks advice and representation in contractual negotiations with a club, and the quality of that advice and representation is crucial. The sole aim of all our agents will always be the best interests of the player.

Regulations introduced by FIFA require players and clubs to deal only with licensed agents for transfer and contract negotiations. The PFA has eight designated officers whom are licensed FA players agents and are able to advise and represent players on all aspects of their contracts at the time of re-signing or when being transferred.  In Gordon Taylor, the PFA have a leading representative who has negotiated at the highest level and has made a major impact on the working conditions and benefits for all players.

The majority of the agents employed by the PFA have played at the highest level, but there are also younger agents who were scholars or young professionals but have since gone on to gain invaluable business qualifications and experience. The combination of having experienced first-hand the demands of being a professional footballer as well as having strong business acumen means the agents can relate to players and also use their commercial experience to benefit the client.

“The staff we have in place provides a good mixture of youth and experience and hopefully we get a happy medium with the balance. We have staff that have played in the Premier League and can identify with the day-today issues that occur as well as staff who have commercial and financial backgrounds to assist in enhancing the service we can provide to players.”

Matthew Buck, Director of Player Management.

In an industry where a player’s life can change in a short space of time from being a youth player to a professional player with a lucrative contract, sound financial advice is essential. We are delighted that many of our members throughout the Premier League and the Football League have become clients of the PFA and thus have ensured that their futures are secure.

Player Management will at all times ensure that your best interests are looked after and that your career has an opportunity to flourish and go from strength to strength.