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James Milner, England

Transfer and Contracts

It is only right and proper that a player seeks advice and representation in contractual negotiations with a club, and the quality of that advice and representation is crucial. Critically the sole aim of all our agents will always be the best interests of the player.

We negotiate contracts for players playing at all levels of football including International, Premier League and Football League. Players will have differing requirements as the various stages of their careers to what they are seeking in a contract and we will protect all their interests. We ensure that all aspects of a player’s contract are watertight and any agreement reflects what was negotiated.

Club to club transfers can play an important part of professional footballer’s career and therefore they must be conducted in a professional manner. The PMA staff has overseen some of the biggest transfers in world football, the expertise and experience to conduct transfer negotiations effectively and make sure that the client’s interests are protected and remain the important consideration in any move.