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Negatives of Social Media

Social Media, the Negatives

Issues relating to football are often of interest to the public. It is important therefore to recognise that everything you say may be obtained and published by the media and may be misreported or misinterpreted, even if you had intended the content to be uncontroversial.

Recent cases have established that anything posted on a social networking site, regardless of the intended recipient, may be considered public information.

As blogging is therefore considered to be information in the public domain, anything which is written should be treated in exactly the same way as you would approach any comment given to the press, for example by way of an interview or a press conference.

Furthermore, messages which are intended to be private and for a particular person can be forwarded on or published without your consent. Take great care therefore with what you write and to whom and always be confident that if a message were to be published this could in no way leave you open to criticism or punishment.

In addition, posting false or defamatory material might not only leave you open to punishment from your club and/or from The FA and legal action, it may also have the effect of seriously damaging your public image.

Finally, discussing team mates or fellow professionals in a negative light may not only impact on team morale but in extreme circumstances could lead to criticism of you, for instance if a controversial incident then occurs on the pitch or if there is any problems between rival supporters.